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2017 Drink Water Rat Race

I've spent two decades riding Mt Hood in the summer time. When I was a kid I would pack up my Honda Civic and drive down with dreams of catching a glimpse of Terje Haakonsen boosting in the summer halfpipe’s. A few summers back I lived in my Honda armed with a pass and some peanut butter and jelly fixings. When I saw that the Rat Race was coming up I felt like it was time to go re-kindle those experiences of my youth, working at camp and riding Mt Hood.

            The 6th annual Rat Race is a Drink Water event that they organized to raise money for The Drink Water organization raises money for building clean water wells in Africa and educates the youth about drinking water rather than sugary sports drinks, sodas, etc. This year they were able to raise over 40,000.00 dollars.

            The Rat Race is known to have a course that is very challenging, with tight turns and lots of doubles and triples to challenge the pack. Making it down the course is a miracle for some and keeps all the competitors on their toes. They always make sure to set up some consequential features to keep the peanut gallery entertained on the sidelines as well. 686 had a huge crew out with, Forest Bailey, Matt Belzile, Riley Nickerson, Gus Warbington, Mary Rand, Canon Cummins and myself all taking part in the event.


            What an inspiring way to wrap up the season getting to see all your friends and share some snowboarding together up on the Mt Hood. What the Drink Water team is doing is something we should all aspire to do. Finding ways to do what you love and still give back to people less fortunate than we are. Congrats to Terje Haakonsen for taking the victory. Hope to make it to the Rat Race for years to come. If you're interested to donate check them out at, or also @


-Patrick McCarthy 686 Team Manager @patrickmccarthy