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Amateur Hour - Matt Wainhouse

How do you prepare/train during the off season?

I like to think that my off-season activities and hobbies help me "train" for the season but in reality I'd be doing almost all of these activities anyway. I work construction which involves all types of awkward and heavy lifting as well as being on my feet all day. I skateboard a couple times a week. That's the best thing for anybody's riding while off the snow. On a rainy day I might hit the rock-climbing gym or just an ordinary gym to lift weights or do a little cardio. I try to go the extra mile by stretching once a day too.

Any current projects that you are you working on/filming for? (For what companies?)

Last season I filmed for the 686 GLCR project. That's a cool opportunity for particular individuals to get their chance to represent 686 via their winter lifestyles. Other than that just filming with my homies and making quality, free internet content!

What are you looking forward to this upcoming winter season?

Getting further out in the backcountry via snowmobile or touring and finding new, fun features to session. I won a free day at AK Heli in Haines from a raffle so I'm going to try to make that happen! And of course just ripping Stevens Pass, pow or park, with all my homies!

Any particular Mountains/Parks, contests, events, video premieres?

Hopefully the Holy Bowly will happen again and I get the invite! Hands down the best event in snowboarding right now.

List a couple of new tricks that you want to learn this season.

I want to continue to learn backside rodeos. Both 90 Roll style and Wiig style. So far I've only tried them in powder.

How was your summer?

I slaved away all summer but I got to skate a bunch and visit Mt Hood for CAMPiTA. That's always a real treat. Other than that just plenty of family and friends time.

Any early season plans?

I'm going to keep on working until I feel comfortable that I can make it to May without having a full-time job. I have a winter hide-out in close to Stevens Pass so I will be moving some things there in early December. Maybe I'll be able to sneak in a Whistler weekend trip if nothing else opens soon.