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EveryWear for Everyone: Prelude


The first video in our EveryWear For Everyone series features Carlos Avalos and Brice Waller, the founders of my.ism and creatives from the streetwear industry in Los Angeles.

Just over one year ago, my.ism Community Public Forum was created with the primary goal of fostering meaningful conversations among creatives, designers, and other people inside, and beyond, the streetwear space.

Follow along with Carlos and Brice as they explore a diverse perspective of outside and the outdoors over the next year through inspiring stories and voices.

“We are excited to introduce the first segment of 'Everywear for Everyone', a campaign in partnership with 686 where we will highlight a diverse community of creatives. The outdoor community has historically been singular in race and tone for many years. Alongside 686, we want to open a conversation to not only the outdoor community but to everyone. We truly believe that everywhere is for everyone.”

- Carlos Avalos, Co-Founder of my.ism