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Mary Rand's Ride Day at Steven's Pass

Rain pours from dense Northwest clouds and cascades a symphony of melodic taps across the cabin roof. Conditions that make for an anxious ride to the mountain as that precipitation is inevitably snow in the higher elevations. It's perfect for a day built around the reasons why we started snowboarding in the first place. March 3rd, 2017 686 and Steven's Pass hosted Mary Rand's Ride Day. Mary has been riding at Steven's the past four seasons and with her recent addition to the 686 team, she decided to celebrate by spreading her joy of riding at her home mountain. With a the grill fired up Mary, Melissa Evans, Danika Duffy and others served food and took laps with the always upbeat crowd drawn to the Cascades. The persistent precipitation allowed for free refills in the trees and a day filled with smiles.