SET YOUR SUNDIAL: Lonnie Kosuko Kauk



Born in Yosemite. Raised in the mountains. Proven on the granite.

Lonnie Kosuko Kauk has deep roots as an Ahwahnechee descendent in the Yosemite Valley. Growing up his elders taught him to find his purpose in the mountains and share it with the people. Over a lifetime Lonnie has built his connection to the land through snowboarding and climbing. He follows his intuition and listens to what the mountains want him to do. Lonnie believes it is up to us as individuals to build that connection and respect towards the land. Before being known as a climber Lonnie was one of the world’s best snowboarders and he did it on his own terms. Never getting caught up in the latest hype, he would lap the Mammoth Unbound park solo from first to last chair before starting the janitor night shift at the same mountain. Eventually his talent became undeniable, and his career was born.

Lonnie went about climbing in a similar manor. Despite having a father who is a legend in rock climbing, Lonnie put himself on the radar of the climbing community by his bold ascents and dedication to Yosemite. Honing his craft as an individual and going about his days almost entirely removed from the climbing industry. He’s not worried about fitting in, who climbed what, or bragging about his training regimen on Instagram. His relationship with nature and soulful movements come first. He adopts his own style that is true to who he is and kills them with action. If he is accepted – fine. It not – fine. Confidence is key. “Understand what you represent and what you stand for,” Lonnie says, “That will always give you the strength to perform.”

His personal style is an outlier in the climbing community as is the way he goes about choosing his projects and climbing them. Connection to the environment is a key factor. His schedule fluctuates with the seasons but rarely with location. Yosemite Valley in the spring and fall, the Sierra high alpine when it’s too hot, and the highball boulders of Bishop when it’s too cold.

This is a seasonal migration for rock climbers that goes back to the seventies. Looking back at this golden age of American climbing one name keeps popping up – Ron Kauk – Lonnie’s dad. His groundbreaking first ascents still hold up as does how good he looked pulling them off. Often shirtless and in bright red pants. Decades later Lonnie took motivation from his dad’s routes and put his own style on them. Pushing them further into the future as was the case with Magic Line being the first to climb it without pre-placed gear.

It was only natural Lonnie took inspiration from that lightning-in-a-bottle period of Yosemite history and harness the color of red for the second season of the Everywhere Pant x Magic Line collab. This is a limited edition Everywhere Pant that Lonnie puts on daily. Most people’s favorite features would be the 10-pocket design or breathable stretch fabric, but Lonnie’s are more esoteric. It’s the style it brings on and off the granite. He can’t stop talking about the “perfect circle” that the cuff creates around his ankle while climbing that produces his preferred “stee.” With Mother Nature often his only audience Lonnie proves that this connection can be strong enough to light your path forward. Whether just for yourself or all the way to the world stage.