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Sunday Reading: The Abandoned Donner Pass Railroad Tunnels - From the Archives of Kevin Lacy

After a great day of spring skiing in North Lake Tahoe, I teamed up with photographer and fellow adventurer Max Leabman for some abandoned exploration. We drove to the top of Donner Pass, and parked near the base of Sugar Bowl ski resort. From here, we were able to make our way into the start of the Summit Tunnel system

The Railroad tunnels were created in the mid 1800’s, but have been bypassed and sitting unused for the last 50 years. You can enter the tunnels just off the side road near the parking lot. There was a lot of ice in the first tunnel, and it was very dark, so thing were a little treacherous at first.

Artists have made some great creations in the tunnels, Here are some of my favorites.

After a long, dark, walk we soon came to the end of the first tunnel, and you could really see the size of the structures.

We were even able to climb on top of one of the tunnels with the snow that had piled up.

As the sun was setting, we decided to head back. The tunnels continued on for miles and there is a lot more to explore on another trip!

Words and Photos by Kevin Lacy @kevinlacyphoto