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Why You Should Keep Your Season Pass Next Season.

Words: Staff Photographer, Erik Hoffman

Everyone raves about the backcountry and how they hiked this or skied that...blah blah blah. On your next ski trip just take a look from your local ski resort’s summit or any number of resort summits on your monster multi-mountain ski pass. Simply put, the backcountry is a lift-less wasteland. I mean if you don't own a snowmobile or a helicopter you're going to have to walk everywhere. You think I'm kidding right? It feels like sometimes I can barely carbo-load with enough 10 dollar beers from the bar to walk back to the gondola. Those who praise it are usually just your try-hard buddy with a Bear Grylls complex. Don’t listen to that guy. “It’s so beautiful”, “the snow was amazing”, “best runs of my life”. Give me a break. 

Why would you ever want to ski lines far from packed parking lots, crowded cafeterias, overpriced lift tickets and washboard ice moguls? There really isn't anything more exhilarating than waiting in line at your favorite chairlift before they open it on a powder day. The earlier you get there the more you’ll be privileged to wait in line. Once you finally get up to the top you’ll have that glory run you were looking for. It’ll be great; probably one of the best runs of the winter and you get to share it with the thousands of people who drive up from the big city. That’s pretty exhausting stuff. Who would want to take another run after rushing, standing in line and second-hand smoking that vape Johnny was sucking on before the chair opened? At this point you’re probably all tuckered out and ready for the bar since the mountain is polished off to an icy sheen of a bowling ball since everyone had the same idea you had.

Why would you ever want to learn something new and educate yourself about snowpack when you can just ski safe groomers all day? I mean, if you’re in your mid-twenties like I am, why bother learning something completely new and unknown that can potentially help you do something that you love like ski or snowboard? Hell, it sounds like a drag to me. $10k, $20k, $50k, $100k in debt from boozing in college sounds like enough of a price to call it quits on any further education. So don’t buy that book or sign up for an avalanche course it's a waste of time when you can just ski the resort.

And for god's sake why would you ever want to use your own power to hike your way into some of the most remote untouched places on Earth? If you follow the right people those places will just show up in your Instagram feed anyway. Seeing a beautiful place at 1080x1080 pixels on your phone is definitely just as good as being there in person and you don’t even have to get off your ass to get there. Ahhh the wonders of modern technology. All this being said, don't go explore and take my advice... stay inbounds and keep your season pass.

Words: Staff Photographer, Erik Hoffman