All Aboard with Zoë Vernon & Jacqui Shaffer

Following a year in the life of Zoë Vernon and Jacqui Shaffer, "All Aboard" is the story of two women who have spent the last decade commercial fishing in order to pursue their passion for snowboarding.
"'All Aboard' is what mountain culture is all about to me - a story that anyone with a love for the mountains can relate too. Working in Alaska fishing throughout the summer so that you can come home and have the freedom to enjoy your winter the way you want to - it's that community of mountain people that become our family. Sharing those high fives and tailgate beers after those epic days at your home resort. Everyone does it differently. Some wash windows, some frame houses, but to put in the work to gain that freedom and enjoy winter, to live the way you want and chase every powder day is seriously what it's all about to me. Let’s go full speed into another winter!"
-Patrick McCarthy