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Cannon Cummins

Name: Cannon Cummins 

Favorite three riders on 686: Forest Bailey, Gus Warbington & Matteo Soltane

Insta: @cannon_cummins

Contests or filming? Filming

Favorite city? Port Angeles, Washington 

Skate or surf? Surf because it doesn’t hurt as much.

Any projects this season that you are hyped on? Not that I know of but hopefully I can make an edit this year.

Where are you from? I was born in Tacoma but now I live in Sequim.

High tech or good times? High tech because it makes good times even better.

Where do you call home today? Sequim, Washington

Sponsors: 686 Outerwear, Mervin Mfg, Oneball, DNGR rails, and my family and friends.

What makes you tick? That feeling of looking up at the run you just went down and being amazed that you did it makes me tick.

Explain what a good time means to you? A good time to me is snowboarding with my friends or family on a perfect powder day.

What other good times do you have off the mountain? Hanging out with my friends, surfing, skating, swimming and lots of other things.

Any shout outs to those who have helped you along the way? My family, my friends, Pat McCarthy and everyone else that has helped me along the way.

Favorite fruit? Mango for sure