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Customer Testimonials

What Our Customers Are Saying

  I don't have a question, nor do I have a problem. I just wanted to simply say thanks. 686 is without a doubt the most innovative, original, and dopest outerwear brand period. I am so grateful for this company and will continue to spread the word and promote you guys in every way I can. It's coming up on just about 20 years since I discovered your product and I look forward to the next 20. I actually can't believe it's been this long. You guys keep me warm and comfortable and it's 100% appreciated. I used to work for a shop up in mammoth and introduced many people to your brand as often as possible. Keep up the good work you have done an awesome job and have my full support. 

- Matt  

The Everywhere Multi Pant

Obsessed is the word that comes to mind when I think about any of the articles of clothing I have purchased from you. My most recent purchase was the Everywhere Multi Pant about a month ago, and I am pretty sure I have not gone a day without wearing them yet. I work as a Rickshaw in Charleston, SC, which means I bike people around in a cart wherever they want to go. These pants are the most comfortable and useful article of clothing I have, and with the constantly changing temperatures and humidity around here, that is no easy task. Between going to class and working in between, I needed something better, and I didn’t know what it was until I bought these. These pants have been holding up to 40-60 miles of riding and abuse each week and show no signs of issues. I constantly get compliments on them from coworkers and customers. I guess the moral behind this message is that I love the products and look forward to getting new items in the future. 686 has gained a lifelong supporter whether you like it or not.

- Jack 

 The 686 x Dragon DX Jacket

Back in 2005 in High School in Spokane WA, there was a local ski shop called Spokane Alpine Haus. For most of the ski season I had been checking out a cool jacket and finally, once it went on sale in the spring I pulled the trigger and grabbed it off the shelf. The jacket was the 2005 686 Dragon Times DX jacket. I put it in my closet and had to wait all summer to rock it for the next season.

I didn't realize then, but that jacket would become my companion for the next 13 years. Every day I skied was in that jacket. Over the years, it has been smashed into trees, face planted into rails, rolled over rocks and slid across about every type of ice and razor-sharp snow. The jacket has seen almost every mountain in Colorado, Utah and a few in the Pacific Northwest. Some of the best days I have ever had were in that jacket and aside from a few small repairs, it has held up to over a decade of abuse.

 I turned 30 last June and this weekend will be my first time skiing with 3 decades under my belt. When I grab my gear, I am going to once again pull my favorite ski jacket out of the closet for another day ripping the slopes. I just wanted to let you guys know you built an amazing piece of technical outerwear that was really made to last. I keep telling myself that If I find a cooler jacket I will get a new one but I have the feeling my Dragon jacket will be with me for quite a few more seasons.