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Darrah Reid-McLean

 Instagram: @darrahreidm

Favorite three riders on 686: Forest Bailey, Matt Belzile, Phil Jacques

Home: Back of my truck in Whistler, BC

Contests or Filming: Filming without question. Hate contests.

Favorite City: Prefer small towns, but Portland is fun to visit!


Skate or Surf: Skate

Any Projects this season you’re hyped on: Mt. Mountain

Where are you from: Winnipeg, Manitoba

High-Tech or Good-Times: High-Tech

Sponsors: 686, Dinosaurs Will Die, Union, Salmon Arms, the Circle 

What other good-times things do you do off the mountain: Yoga, bicycles, wine.


Any shout out’s to those who have helped along the way: Too many people!  Derek Molinski, Rob Lemay, Andrew Geeves, Jody Wachniak, Kody Yarosloski, Dreams crew, Jess Kimura, Uninvited crew, Desiree Melancon, Madison Blackley, Jeff and Sean big time, McCarthy... that’s just this year, the list goes on and on...

Favorite fruit: Vegans love all fruit  

Final Thoughts: Is that okay?  I never know how to answer these things 

Darrah's Gear Picks