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Drayden Gardner

Instagram: @dr3yden

Home: Livin in Big Bear Lake, California!

Home mountain: Bear Mountain, best park in the nation!

Favorite 686 product: would have to be the "Fun Pant" in the cosmic collection

Video Part: My newest part is dropping very soon in "Great Obsession" by East to West !!

Hobbies: My extra "Hobbies" are tons of skating, tons of art, and a little surfing.

Last Use for the Toolbelt: My last use for the tool belt would be last winter filming in Finland and half way through a heated session trying a trick I snapped my board and no one had a tool but I had my belt on so I changed out the board and landed my trick!! Love the tool belt !!!

Sponsors: My current sponsors are Salomon Snowboards, 686, vans, vonzipper, and Bear Mountain.

Thank you: I would like to say thank you to all my family, sponsors, and friends!! Love you all!!


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