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Duncan Adams


Instagram: @dunkadams

Favorite three riders on 686: Gigi, P-White, Forest.  Shouts outs to Kinger and LDM as well, love skiing with those dudes.

Home: Placerville, CO

Contests or Filming: Filming

Favorite City: Vancouver


Skate or Surf: I'm a mountain dweller so biking is more my thing. 

Any Projects this season you’re hyped on: The 20th annual Level 1 flick!

Where are you from:  Stowe, Vermont 

High-Tech or Good-Times:  Both.  Love seeing the die-hards with their old beat up equipment shredding circles around everyone, but staying dry with some GORE-TEX® makes for better adventures than being wet and cold.


Sponsors: 686, Faction, Shred, Wells Lamont, Haskill, Cast 

What makes you tick: Speed + style  

Jump or Line: Line, ideally with some natural booters mixed in.

What other good-times things do you do off the mountain: Work on the homestead, mountain bike, explore. 


Any shout out’s to those who have helped along the way: Family.  The Big Picture, Level 1, and Faction crews.  And to all my other friends and sponsors. 

Favorite Fruit: I've been getting into pomelos lately, they're like gigantic grapefruit/orange hybrids.  But of all time, I gotta go raspberries.   

Final Thoughts: Thank you Parker, Patrick and 686 for bringing me into the fold. 

Duncan's Gear Picks