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Gigi Rüf


Instagram: @gigiruef & @slashsnow 

Favorite three riders on 686: Phil, Forest, Sammy, Victor. All including head honcho Pat. 

Home: Schwarzach, Vorarlberg 

Contests or Filming: Both with priority on good times.

Favorite City: NYC or Tokyo 


Skate or Surf: Always wanting to surf

Any Projects this season you’re hyped on: New to 686, so I am hyped.

Where are you from: Vorarlberg, Austria 

High-Tech or Good-Times:  No compromise on gear to keep me in the weather.

Sponsors: 686, Dragon Optics, Union Bindings, Mons Royale, TSG Protective Gear, 

JBMC Gloves, Salt and Stone, The James Brand, Two4One Sports. 

What makes you tick: My wife and two boys along with my company Slash Snow

What other good-times things do you do off the mountain: Eat, maintain the house, beekeeping, skate and bicycle.


Any shout out’s to those who have helped along the way: My wife and family. Parents, brothers and my sister Dette. All the people I am networking with for the biz plus neighbors and friends I get to meet more regularly.

Favorite fruit: Berries.  

Final Thoughts: I don’t care. I catch air. 

Gigi's Gear Picks