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Jesse Burtner

Instagram Handle: @jesseburtner / @think_thank

Home: Seattle, WA

Home Mountain: Summit At Snoqualmie


Favorite Piece of 686 Outerwear: Forest anything / Pat’s orange safety officer kit from a couple years ago

Last movie part: Stacked Footy / The Weather Outside is Weather

Extra Hobbies: Family time, mob flips, ukulele, tramp skating, editing, reading, writing.

Last use for the tool belt: Classic stance adjustment moment.

Sponsors: Lib Tech, Bent Metal Binding Works, Dang Shades, Crab Grab, The Summit At Snoqualmie, Pizzle (686). 

Thanks You’s: Pika, Ollie, Pete Saari, Mervin Mfg, Think Thank, friends and fam.