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Mike King


Mike King

Favorite three riders on 686? 

Forest and Parker instantly pop into my head. Also Belzile, I’m always down with the content The Man Boys are putting out. Got mad respect for so many of the athletes on the team, and the wide variety of styles they bring. Honored to be apart of it. Also got to give shout-outs to Jacqueline Lammert and Duh Homie Sterph for being real ones!



Contests or Filming? 


Favorite city? 

Basically any place that has free overnight parking for a guy to sleep in his rig. Preferable in the mountains or by some water.

Skate or Surf? 

Surfing for sure, just because I love the coast and being surrounded by water vs. some hot concrete; however, I skate way more than surf.

Any projects this season you're hyped on? 

Really hyped on my new instagram series called “Wrenching Wednesdays”. It’s about fixing and maintaining my truck with my brother and friends. Hopefully my truck doesn’t break down anymore and the series will end soon. Definitely up to some things this winter as well, but it’s a little early to say.

Where you're from? 


High Tech or Good Times? 

Both of those are so me, I feel like it shouldn’t be one or the other. However, it’s definitely a lot harder to have good times when you're wet and cold so i’m going to have to say High-tech.

Where you call home today?

 A converted Wells Cargo trailer behind my truck.


686, Lib Tech, Spy Optics

What makes your tick?

I would probably have to say time, or lack thereof. I’m one who’s down to hang out and enjoy the moment until I need to get some shit done before it’s too late. For example, hanging in the backcountry then having to rip back to the trailhead before it’s too dark, or scrabbling to finish all my summer projects late in the fall so I can go to mountains and ride.

Explain what a GOOD TIME means to you.

A GOOD TIME varies to me, obviously mixing it up with friends or family but good times to me are not always the fun warm memories but the tough ones you have to overcome. Like losing the axle to my sled trailer 20 miles deep on gnarly mountain roads or waking up with a frost layer covering my blankets and entire camper before I go shred. Basically, anything that you do to continue doing what you love and keeps you in the present.

What other good times do you partake in off the mountain?

Basically have such a good time on the mountain that when i’m off,  i'm doing whatever I need to do to get back up there. Mainly making money to afford it, fixing up the rig and sled, and trying to stay fit. Then just trying to convince myself that they were a good time. Of course skate and surf when I can.

Any shout-outs to those who have helped along the way?

Yeah shoutouts to the family and my brother Frank for always having my back and helping me out with all my projects. Also to Parker White, The Big Picture crew, and homies for always looking out for a guy!

Favorite fruit?

This is funny because I work on a orchard all summer and fall. When a fruit comes into season you power eat it until you're sick of it. Luckily, this happens just in time for a new fruit to come into season. On the orchard the seasons starts with Strawberries then Cherries, Raspberries, Apricots, Nectarines, Peaches, and then it ends with Apples. My overall favorite would have to be Nectarines. They are so sweet & juice with a little tang similar to a peach without the fuzz.

Final thoughts?

Thank you, couldn’t be more stoked to be apart of the fam!