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Having trouble with your 686 gear? We want to hear from you. And if your 686 gear is defective, we want to make things right for you.

At 686, we stand behind everything we make. Our products are fully guaranteed to the original owner to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for ONE (1) year from original purchase date from an authorized 686 dealer.

If you feel that your 686 product may have a defect in materials and/or workmanship, please contact us to obtain a Return Authorization number (RA#) and let us help you get back on the hill. A copy of your original receipt will be required to verify your purchase from an authorized 686 dealer. If you don’t have your receipt, the manufactured date will be used as the start of the warranty period, and verification of your purchase from an authorized 686 dealer will be required.

Please read through our Warranty FAQ’s if you’re not sure. 


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What is the 686 Warranty Policy?
Our products are fully guaranteed to the original owner to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the original purchase date from an authorized 686 dealer. 

How do I know if I have a defect?
Defects may come in many forms, and will usually show up right away. Some examples include:

  • A snap that falls off
  • A shock cord/bungee that pulls out or breaks
  • A seam that was never sewn, comes unraveled, or has broken threads
  • Material/Fabric along the seams that frays out and lets go 

What is not covered under warranty? 

  • Normal wear and tear
  • "Accidents"
  • Damage from Washer/Dryer
  • Waterproofing/DWR coating failure after extended use or storage
  • 686 gear not purchased from an authorized 686 dealer 
  • Online purchases shipped internationally

If you are not sure if your product is covered under warranty, please feel free to contact us and find out. We will let you know.  And if your 686 gear turns out to be defective, we will do our best to make things right for you.


How do I know if my shop is an Authorized 686 Dealer?
All of our Authorized 686 dealers can be found in our retail store locator or our online retailer list.  


Will my 686 product be repaired or replaced?
All warranty claims are subject to inspection before we can make things right for you.  The photos you submit can be really helpful for us to determine whether or not it is going to be covered, as well as expediting the entire process.  Once we have all of the details, we can usually determine whether or not it is covered, and whether it will be repaired or replaced, but we will require the item to be returned to 686 for processing.


How long is this going to take?

Repairs: Repairs typically take 1-2 weeks to be on the way back to you after they arrive at our repair facility. We will make every effort to have your repair done as quickly as possible.  So you are aware, we use the best 3rd party repair companies available that specialize in technical outerwear to handle your repair, and we spare no cost to have it done right. (Trust us, you don’t want your jacket sewn back together by our customer service guys)  Because of this, during the busy season they can get backed up a little. 

Please be sure to write your RA# big and bold on the outside of the box and include any forms we provide you, to avoid any delays or refusal of delivery.

Replacements: Replacements are released to ship as soon as possible after your defective item arrives, are inspected, and are determined to be covered under warranty.  Please allow 2-3 business days for your replacement to be en route after your defective item arrives.


Who pays for shipping?
If your item is within the warranty period then we will cover shipping both ways.

If your item is outside of the warranty period you will be required to pay to ship it back to us.  You can ship via any method (UPS, FedEx, US Postal, Pony Express, etc), but we suggest you use a trackable method to prevent your 686 gear from being “lost in the mail”.


What if I purchased my 686 gear online and have it shipped to another country where I live?
We have a network of distributors in almost every snowy country in the world (and some that are not so snowy) so that you are able to purchase 686 products locally without having to pay international shipping rates.  Online retailers are not authorized to ship 686 products internationally.  Therefore, online sales shipped to international countries are NOT authorized sales and are NOT covered under our warranty.   You will need to facilitate your warranty claim with the authorized 686 dealer that you purchased the item from.


What if I purchased my 686 gear in one country, and then take it home to another country where I live?
If you purchased your garment from an authorized dealer in one country and reside in another country, you will need to facilitate your warranty claim with the authorized 686 dealer that you purchased the item from.  


What if I send in a dirty garment?
It is a health hazard to send us dirty garments. Any soiled or unwashed garments will be returned to the consumer with no repairs made and return freight costs will be billed to the consumer. This applies to all warranties in the USA, Canada, and Europe.  Please help us insure the health of our warranty team members.


How can I check the status of my warranty claim?
Please feel free to e-mail a member of the warranty team and reference your RA# in the subject line. Or give us a call. Our normal hours are 9am-5pm Monday-Friday.

Phone: (310) 818-2315

Phone: (310) 818-2315

Phone: 39-0423-859-801




Wear & Tear and/or “Accidents”

  • Snowboard pant cuffs can be damaged the first day out, if you drag them under your boots on the way across the parking lot…
  • Snowboard edges, if tuned properly, are knife-sharp.  If not tuned properly, are more like a saw blade.  Carrying your board under your arm is essentially like running a knife along your hip.  Throwing your board into the back of the car on top of your jacket/pants is like medieval torture.  Resting your edge on your pant leg or boot toe on the lift is going to slice through eventually.
  • Slammed your shins into a buddy’s board edge?  Hooked your shoulder on a tree limb?  Slid your ass down a scree field or cheese grater staircase?  We’re stoked that you’re a hard rider wearing our stuff.  Please submit footage to but we can’t cover your torn up gear.
  • If you’re cold, standing on top of the bonfire won’t help.  Just because your boots and/or pants didn’t melt, and your jacket did, doesn’t mean the jacket material is defective.  The same goes for drying your gear overnight.  Damage from being too close to the cabin stove or heater vent is not covered.
  • Après shenanigans, and damages acquired during such shenanigans, are not covered.  Nowhere do we claim that our products are stain-proof, fire-proof, or bullet-proof.


Waterproofing/DWR coating failing after a while

  • DWR coating needs to be replenished/revitalized after time.  Using NikWax Tech Wash + TX-Direct treatment or other technical outerwear-specific detergents will bring your waterproofing back to life.
  • Smoke, grease, dirt, and other contaminants will break down the DWR Coating immediately.  
  • Washing items with a liquid detergent, or drying with fabric softener, will break down the DWR coating and clog the pores in the waterproof/breathable membrane.


Not purchased at an authorized 686 dealership

  • 2nd hand store
  • Ski Swap
  • E-bay
  • Craigslist
  • Rummage sale
  • Got it off my buddy
  • Got it off the rep/sample sale
  • Promo/Flow/Hooked up
  • Flash Sale websites
  • Ross, TJ MAXX,, and any other Discount Outlets or Websites


Online purchases shipped internationally 

  • We have distributors in place in every major market around the world so that fans of our brand can acquire their 686 gear locally.  
  • In this scenario, you’ll need to facilitate your warranty thru the original shop you purchased from.