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Passion and Parenting - With the 686 Family

"Becoming a parent is a right of passage. It’s is one of life’s pivotal moments where we bring another life into the world and bring a whole new set of responsibilities upon ourselves. Being a snowboarder has its risks, but becoming a parent does not mean you have to lose your passions and put all your time into picking out the right daycare or what pair of dockers to wear with your penny loafers. Get the family together and head for the mountains!" -Patrick McCarthy, 686 Team Manager We checked in with some of the parents who are part of the 686 family and how they are navigating both life in the mountains and being a parent. Michael Akira West -...

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Behind the Product: The GLCR Stretch GORE-TEX Dispatch Bib

  Yuzawa, Japan. March 2017. There we sat, after a long day of riding deep powder, the kind so deep that the snow piled up near the bottom of the chairlifts and if you laid into a turn just right you could cover the entire lift in a white wave. We were deep into an après session at our lodge. We were exhausted, but we were excited. A group of us, led by a pair of guides from the local Japanese mountains along with 686 Founder and Creative Director, Michael Akira West, were huddled around a mountain of pants and bibs, dissecting every little piece and part of each of them. The goal was clear: To create the best all around bib on the...

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3 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Outerwear

686 products are built to last with high-quality materials and durable construction. This long-wearing design ethos gives us the ability to offer a Lifetime Warranty on our entire GLCR line. Still, we can all be hard on our gear from time to time. These simple tips will help your outerwear perform even longer in the elements. WASH All 686 outerwear is 100% washable and we encourage you to wash your gear when it becomes visibly dirty. Washing your garments doesn't only prevent odor and keep it looking clean, but it can also help increase its life and water repellency by removing dirt and excess particles from its surface. Follow these simple steps when washing: Before washing, zip together all zippers and attach...

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DRIVEN Q&A with Gigi Rüf, Victor Daviet & the Pirate Crew

DRIVEN Q&A with Gigi RüF, Victor Daviet & the Pirate Crew Team Riders Gigi Rüf and Victor Daviet have been busy the past two seasons working on their film project DRIVEN by the Pirate Crew. With this season cut slightly short, we were sure you had some questions for them about the upcoming film. We had Gigi, Victor, and the Pirate Crew take to Instagram to seek out your questions. Their answers are featured below. Now’s your chance to dive deeper into the minds behind the upcoming Pirate Productions film project.  Gigi Rüf How long were the project and its locations just “an idea” before you were wheels up?  It took us about 1.5 years to plan out the entire...

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COVID-19: A Letter from 686 Founder Michael Akira West

Subject: The Simple Things Do Matter Attn: The 686 Community Hello Everyone,  I hope you’re doing well despite the ever-changing landscape of today. COVID-19 is real and we’re all dealing with it our own ways. Our position at 686 is to continually move forward in best practices with the mindset that our community comes first.  Running an independent small business for the past 28 years has taught us to continually persevere in the most interesting times. This determination to do good and help others is at the top of our list. We are striving to create safety not only physically by distancing ourselves, but also through online safe spaces for our community to discuss their thoughts, emotions and feelings and uplift...

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