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686 Backcountry Safety Tips: Presented by Victor Daviet

MOVING IN THE BACKCOUNTRY IS ALL ABOUT RISK ASSESSMENT, MAKING THE RIGHT DECISIONS, AND BEING PREPARED. IF YOU DON’T KNOW, DON’T GO.    We all love a good day in the mountains, but knowing what days are safe to head into the backcountry and when to keep it inbounds at the resort is crucial. The first and most important step in venturing into backcountry snowboarding or skiing is education. As the important phrase goes “If you don’t know, don't go!” We reached out to Victor Daviet, 686 Team Rider and backcountry enthusiast to create a series of videos on how he safely prepares for his adventures outside the resort ropes. Victor has partnered with ANENA (National Association for the Study of Snow...

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The Winning Design with Stephen Micioni: The Reaction Diffusion Waterproof Hoody

  THE REACTION DIFFUSION WATERPROOF HOODY DESIGNED AND SUBMITTED BY STEPHEN MICIONI We sat down with Stephen, the creator of the winning design from our Design Your Own Waterproof Hoody Contest, to find out more about him and the unique aspect of his design. This contest was an open call to all artists, photographers and open minds for a chance to create their very own 686 Waterproof Hoody. Stephen's design caught the eye of the 686 athletes as the winner.  From Concept: To Creation: The Reaction Diffusion Waterproof Hoody. Available Now! So Stephen, can you tell us a bit about yourself and where you're from?  I am from New Jersey shore; I grew up surfing in the spring-summer & snowboarding in the fall-winter. I...

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EveryWear for Everyone: Prelude

IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE, YOU ARE OUTDOORS. The first video in our EveryWear For Everyone series features Carlos Avalos and Brice Waller, the founders of my.ism and creatives from the streetwear industry in Los Angeles. Just over one year ago, my.ism Community Public Forum was created with the primary goal of fostering meaningful conversations among creatives, designers, and other people inside, and beyond, the streetwear space. Follow along with Carlos and Brice as they explore a diverse perspective of outside and the outdoors over the next year through inspiring stories and voices. “We are excited to introduce the first segment of 'Everywear for Everyone', a campaign in partnership with 686 where we will highlight a diverse community of creatives. The...

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686 Becomes Climate Neutral Certified

686 is proud to announce that it is officially Climate Neutral Certified. "As we have seen our snowpack, winters and overall climate shift over our 29 year history, we believe that informed decisions and hard work can help reduce our environmental impact so that the snow is just as deep for our grandkids as it is for us. Recently, we've challenged ourselves to do more on our sustainability journey, and to do it faster so we’ve partnered with Climate Neutral to offset our 2020 carbon use and further reduce our future carbon footprint." - 686 President, Doug Sumi Working cooperatively with independent non-profit entity Climate Neutral, and using specific and accurate tools and info, 686 measured their entire 2020 carbon footprint and offset it...

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Hana Beaman Natural Selection Tour Recap

We recently sat down with Natural Selection Tour finalist, Hana Beaman, to talk about her experience on the first year of the NST and what was going on inside her head during the finals at Tordrillo, AK. Thank you Travis Rice, the NST, Hana and all the riders for putting your vision and riding on display for us all to enjoy. Interview conducted on 4/9/2021by 686 Team Manager Patrick McCarthy 1 week before finals day. All photos by Erik Hoffman (@erikhoffmanphoto) Patrick McCarthy: What was your favorite take away from competing in the NST? Hana Beaman: I really enjoyed the crew we had. It was awesome to get to hang out during the week and see how differently people would ride...

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