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Born by the ocean. Raised on sub-cultures. Creates in DTLA.

Most days the artist known as Loser Angeles - aka the human Zac Hoffman – leaves his idyllic beach community of Ocean Park and battles traffic on the I-10 to reach his studio space/gallery in Downtown Los Angeles called Shit Art Club.

Everywhere Pant - Relaxed Fit

Being born amongst the surf and skate culture hub of San Clemente, it’s important for his sanity to live near the Pacific yet there’s something about the grittiness of DTLA and the rich history of art that surrounds it that currently fires Zac up to create. Los Angeles has long fostered a community of both misfits and legitimate artists and co-founding S.A.C continues the tradition of bringing a community together to push themselves and most importantly to have a good time. If you’ve ever attended an opening at S.A.C than you really know about these good times!

In the back of the gallery is his studio where Zac turns his inspiration of the mundane of the everyday: the paintings and stories of Charles Bukowski, graphic novels about furniture, dolphins, and much more into masterpieces of paint that now hang all over the world. This includes a solo exhibition entitled ‘Bowls’ that is currently showing at Thinkspace in DTLA. They do a great job of describing it in art speak: “Loser Angeles draws heavy influence from the absurd and non-sensical and creates work that challenges the viewer, or who he prefers to describe as “the participant” to abandon all recognition of meaning. His frequent use of bright and primary colors, bold graphics and text in his work are inspired by the primitive desire to see harmony in discord.”

Behind The Scenes
Zac In Action
Zac's Art Collective

Getting ready for this show was an undertaking. Zac is fond of large-scale paintings and often found himself working late into the mornings finishing his pieces. During much of the lead-up Zac found himself reaching for the 686 Everywhere Relaxed Pant. It’s stretchy, breathable fabric pulled double duty when putting in monster hours in the studio or taking short breaks to shake his legs out on a skateboard or visit a friend’s new restaurant.

“Painting can get pretty physical for me while working on these massive canvases. Between that and taking mid-day skate breaks to go slappy the local red curb it’s nice to have a pair of pants that moves with me, but has the style of a normal work pant.”
- Loser Angeles

The oddness of the ordinary is something that Zac continues to investigate. Choosing to create his art amongst the randomness of DTLA and building upon all that has happened there is proof. This search for “real” life that Zac is inspired by cannot be found on social media. It happens when you foster a community with eyes on the past and an urge to leave your mark on the future. “I think one of the strangest aspects of modern human life has to be the newfound need to broadcast their personal lives on the Internet,” Zac told to Monster Children. “The constant surveillance that humans provide each other leaves such little room for imagination.”

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