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Hot summer days in New York City are good to him: riding bikes, exploring boroughs, and hanging at beach BBQ’s. Always surrounded by friends and with a camera around his neck. His aka is ‘Track or Die’ but that is more of an “us” than a “him”. Over ten years ago Shardy combined his love for photography with bike courier culture and Track or Die NYC was born. It’s gone all city ever since and today Track or Die is still putting on the biggest and wildest bike happenings in New York and supporting the culture. The rules to his events are simple and can be applied to everyday life: Have a good time. Don’t be mean.

Anything Cargo Short

Shardy’s philosophy these days is on point - travel the world and photograph all the hotness he encounters along the way. And never stop repping the Bronx.

“Riding through the streets allows people to see how we really live in the Bronx. Murals, landmarks, and drivers who aren’t used to cyclists become the experience,” describes Shardy. “Crossing the bridge, you begin to see less coffee shops and more chicken spots. Paninis are replaced by chopped cheese and margaritas with nutcrackers. Cycling in NYC is more than just Manhattan. It’s my opinion that the Bronx (and parts of Brooklyn + LES) are all that’s left of the real NYC. I believe the Bronx, with its culture and infamous landmarks, is a very beautiful place. I love it here!”

Shardy Cruising NYC
Shardy's Ride

Spending long days in the saddle cycling around NYC are no joke. Look good, feel good, ride good as they say. Shardy’s choice when he’s moving all day are the Everywhere Shorts in the relaxed fit and on workdays when he needs the most pocket storage possible he reaches for the Anything Cargo Short.

"Riding through the boroughs can be intense. Humidity, city traffic, pedestrians, and even an afternoon storm. At the end of the day, I want to look dead sexy out here while celebrating with the crew, but I still need something technical on my legs. The 686 shorts move with me, breathe well, and keep me looking fresh.”
- Shardy
Written by: SAYER