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Over the weekend there were two big news events in snowboarding: X Games and Tommy Gesme joining the 686 squad. Two happenings from either spectrum of snowboarding: Contests and Culture.

While we at 686 respect all types of snowboarding our mantra of ‘Culture over contests’ proves where our hearts lay. We’re out there in the streets and in the backcountry and on resorts when the weather is so harsh most others went in for an early lunch not to come back out. Corks are cool, but those days when your tracks refill on every lap are what we live for and what our gear is built for. The LBS (no explanation necessary) is our team’s annual pilgrimage into the depths of shred culture and feels like home.

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This is exactly why Tommy Gesme was added to the team. Humble, innovative, and hardworking, he lives for the culture. Though he’d never admit it, Tommy is the type of personality that drives this culture.

Tommy has already been hard at work this season with his new teammates/old friends in the furthest reaches of the world in search of the most unique spots. What could possibly come of all this footage?????

"At 8am Tommy strapped into his board in the backyard of a Senior Living home in northern Minnesota. A woman popped her head out of the door and chatted with Tommy. After the conversation was over, he gave Colton and I a thumbs up and a shrug that assured us it was all good. About a half hour later three women came out of the building, a couple with walkers, to watch Tommy hit the rail at the side of their home. The three were thrilled, watching for quite a while, learning our names, and sharing the video they filmed on their phones with Colton. After finishing up, we shoveled off their stairs and helped unlock a car that one of the women had locked her keys in as it was running in the parking lot. As we packed up, one hugged Tommy and we were invited to come back any time." – 686 Staff Photographer @erikhoffmanphoto

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