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    A percentage of all Hydrastash products goes toward charity: water to help provide clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries.


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    Hydrastash Jacket Technical Features.

    microbite valve

    Patented Microbite™ Valve

    In order to create the ultimate experience we designed the slimmest bite valve currently available on the market today. Our patented Microbite™ Valve is self sealing when stressed with internal pressure and has a comparable flow rate to standard bite valves twice its size.

    easy access

    Zippered Easy Access Stretch Channel

    A full zip stretch channel runs from the Hydrastash® bladder pocket to the Microbite™ valve for easy access. Insulation on the exterior of the channel and breathable inner material effectively traps your body heat in the channel and provides extra protection against freezing.

    micro tubing

    Micro-Tubing (BPA Free)

    This slim, lightweight and highly flexible tubing allows your jacket to move as freely as you do. Its length can be easily customized to the user and cleaning is a breeze with a Hydrastash® cleaning kit.

    reservor powder skirt

    Patent Pending Hydrastash® Bladder Powder Skirt

    The patent pending design securely holds the bladder in a newly designed powder skirt system. A stretch connection band increases mobility and our new patent pending 3x2 Multiple Closure System provides more closure options than ever before for different body types.

    engineered body wrap

    Engineered Body Wrap Fit

    The entire Hydrastash® feature is engineered to fit tightly around your center of gravity, providing unmatched balance and reducing any swinging effect of the fluid weight.

    anti nicrobial reservoir

    Anti-Microbial .75L Bladder (BPA FREE)

    The custom designed anti-microbial slim bladder is taste free, holds hot or cold fluids and is designed to fit around your waist for optimum balance. Anti-slosh dams are engineered throughout to prevent motion when fluid is low and the entire bladder is guaranteed not to break under stress.

    stretch suspension

    Internal Stretch Suspension Straps

    Located on each end of the powder skirt, the internal stretch suspension straps secure the bladder close to your body for optimum balance at all times. They also suspend the bladder in the patent pending powder skirt to remove a large amount of effective fluid weight when full.

    easy fill opening

    Easy Fill Waterproof Rolltop Opening

    With over a year of testing under our belts, we have found the safe and secure rolltop design the ideal solution to filling and cleaning your bladder. You can remove your bladder fully or just partially from your jacket to fill. It's so strong we've even run it over with a car and it didn't open.