Our Equity Action Pledge

686 is committed to fostering an inclusive culture that is welcoming accepting, and values diversity, both within our walls and within our spaces outdoors.

Through our Equity Action Pledge, we commit to weaving threads of diversity, equity and inclusion into all parts of our apparel and actions.

We are committed to establishing programs and initiatives to further diversity, equity and inclusion. We also commit to tracking our progress and sharing regular updates with our community to hold ourselves accountable to our goals set via the Pledge.

Change starts at home. We pledge to furthering our own education through diversity training and tools provided to our team of employees, athletes, ambassadors and advocates. 

Exploration should be accessible and welcoming for all. We pledge to provide resources and access to organizations and support groups within the outdoors for underrepresented communities.

Technical Apparel for Everyone. We pledge to showcase a broader range of diversity and representation within our imagery across all of our media and engage equally broad representative athletes, ambassadors and advocates.

We will stand with our employees, athletes, ambassadors and advocates. We pledge to create a channel that our employees, advocates and athletes can access to address issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion and we pledge to support them by using our platform to speak with them on these issues.

We pledge to use our voice. We pledge to call out racism and intolerance of any kind and act as we deem necessary, with actions ranging from creating a dialogue and educating to severing existing relationships.

We understand that investment is necessary. We pledge to invest in the resources necessary to support the actions above. We also pledge to match all employee and athlete donations to nonprofit organizations committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. 

We value our partnerships and understand we represent our partners. We pledge to continually evaluate company partnerships, athletes, ambassadors and advocates to ensure that we do not work with and will not work with any discriminatory partners, now or in the future.

Since day one, collaboration has been key. We pledge to support other outdoor brands and other organizations/groups in their pursuit of inclusion by building a culture of collaboration to better serve the greater outdoor community.

We are committed towards being a part of the solution and creating a space that is more accepting, diverse and inclusive.